Fools for Scandal

Fools for Scandal

How the Media Invented Whitewater

Gene Lyons and the editors of Harper's Magazine

Category: History

Before he created, with Joe Conason, The Hunting of the President, the critically acclaimed documentary film about Whitewater, Gene Lyons published his research into the Whitewater scandal in Harper's Magazine. That research later became a book—Fools for Scandal, which scathingly debunks the "Received Wisdom" that was handed down to the national media with the Whitewater "scandal."


Lyons shows the reader how the media (especially The New York Times) were driven to pin something—anything—on the Clintons, and how they, in an impassioned quest for scandal, found themselves making strange bedfellows with right-wing organizations such as Citizens United, and leading Republicans Al D'Amato and Lauch Faircloth.


For anyone curious to understand how the printing press becomes a political machine, Fools for Scandal is illuminating, engaging, and revealing.



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